Subcontractor and Supplier Service

Prequalification and Compliance Management

Are you a subcontractor or supplier looking to showcase your expertise and qualifications to main contractors? Look no further than Builder’s Profile – our platform allows you to connect to potential clients and meet their specific requirements.

Following our move to the new platform, we have combined our membership offerings and we no longer offer a free membership. But this is good news if you used to manage multiple profiles and struggled to keep on top of them.

With Builder’s Profile’s new membership, you can finally say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple profiles and documents scattered across various platforms. Our convenient and secure system allows you to keep, organise, and maintain all your businesses PQQ and compliance information in one place for all your clients.

But that’s not all. By maintaining a single profile on Builder’s Profile, you gain access to two optional features: Marketplace and Acclaim Accreditation.

  • In Marketplace, you can access thousands of projects and tenders from across the public and private sectors, growing your pipeline and business.
  • Acclaim Accreditation is a founding member of SSIP, and one of only four SSIP providers in the country who hold an ISO 7001 accreditation. Something contractors look for.

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How much does Builder’s Profile membership cost?

If you hold a Constructionline or Facilitiesline membership, we can combine your memberships to form one multi-product membership. For information on the cost of this, please contact our support team who will be happy to support you.

If you’re looking for a Builder’s Profile-only membership, then the price will depend on your turnover and will range from £149 – £349.

As part of as Builder’s Profile-only membership, we will also provide you with access to Marketplace and Acclaim Accreditation for free, for the first year of your membership.

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