Main Contractor & Supply Chain Partners

Builder’s Profile works with fast growing set of Main Contractors and Supply Chain Partners, from the smallest to the largest. Many are both Main Contractor and Subcontractor.

All benefit from the ease with which they share PQQ information, collaborate and simply get on with the job. According to Julie White of D-Drill (read the Case Study in Downloads) 80% of her Main Contractors accept Builder’s Profile. They do this because its simple, quick and works with the PAS91 question set. With a complete ‘answer set’ available, including insurance certificates etc, its possible for Contractors to qualify Subcontractors and prove compliance almost instantly.

ConQuest Users
Following May’s announcement of ConQuest ‘partnering’ with Builder’s Profile, all Premium profiles are now directly visible through the ConQuest platform. This game-changing ‘partnership’ means construction industry contractors are another step closer to solving the costing, competence, and compliance challenge. Subcontractors with a Premium profile are now visible to over 70% of industry contractors  through the ConQuest and Builder’s Profile platforms.

Audit Partners
Designed using industry standards and protocols, Builder’s Profile makes it simple to share information. This is generally done by providing a ‘standard’ login for your audit partner, although closer integration is an option. Please call support for more information.

Main Contractors
To start using Builder’s Profile please eMail Main Contractor Services or call 01305 831710