BUILDER'S PROFILE and ConQuest ‘partner’ to solve
construction’s costing, competence and
compliance challenge - and make supply
chain visible to top contractors
BUILDER'S PROFILE The simple compliance PQQ sharing
service for main contractors &

What is
Builder's Profile?


& Supplier Service


Builder’s Profile is the open-access Common Database service providing compliance and PQQ information to the construction industry.

Our secure common database enables subcontractors and suppliers to easily maintain and share information. For main contractors and clients it provides all the information, documents and tools required to manage a supply chain no matter how large or small.

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Main Contractors
Builder’s Profile empowers main contractors and their audit partners to collaborate and to collect, review and maintain supply chain information. For all the service information click on the button below or call Main Contractor Services on 01305 898792

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With Premium and Basic membership levels available, Builder’s Profile provides one convenient secure system to keep, organise and maintain all of your business, PQQ and compliance information. For all the service information click on the button below. Our Support Team, available on 01305 897448, can help with any questions on how the service can work for you.

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Sept Projects Awarded

September Awarded Projects Reach in Excess of £900 million. BAM Nuttall appointed for a third of total value of awarded contracts to BP Clients.

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