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The Public Sector and PAS-91

Crown Commercial Services directs the use of PAS-91 for contracts-for-works, associated services and supplies. PAS-91 is a common minimum standard & format for government construction procurement – it assists buyers to find suitably qualified contractors and helps suppliers understand what is required from them. Initially, PAS-91 was a mandated requirement solely for central government contracts, it’s now recommended for use by all Main Contractors when procuring specialist suppliers for their supply chains.

HM Infrastructure and Projects Authority
In March 2017 HM Infrastructure and Projects Authority created their ‘Common Minimum Standards for the Procurement of Built Environments in the Public Sector’. The document contains General Standards, Common Minimum Standards and explains how PAS-91 should be used in the Public Sector including:

  • Project and Programme Procurement
  • Health, Safety and Welfare
  • Design
  • Sustainability



PAS-91 and Builder’s Profile

Builder’s Profile was part of the ‘steering committee’ that defined the PAS-91 ‘standard’ and the service is fully aligned with PAS-91:2013+A1:2017. The majority of Builder’s Profile users – suppliers and buyers – submit or accept Premium Builder’s Profile for Public Sector contracts.

PAS-91 at Builder’s Profile


Use Builder’s Profile in the Public Sector
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