Our Latest Feature – ‘Join Requests’ Connects Main Contractors With New Subcontractors

We are pleased to announce that our latest ‘Join Request’ feature will be released on Thursday 16th November. A new process has been completely designed which improves supply chain inclusion and easily manages new members through to pre-qualification.

This flexible functionality will enable team members to efficiently request new subcontractor Profiles, while keeping up to date with their progress.

We like the new Join Request feature as users can:

  • Search the database for existing companies and create a subset of matching accounts to review
  • Send new subcontractor Join Request emails that connect the new account to your request
  • Enable email notifications to be sent when a new account Profile has been submitted

Why you’ll like the new Join Request feature.

Connect user definable fields to set values as a request is made. This is really helpful if allocating the company to a regional office or tagging a small company to complete a reduced question set.

Search against and build a history of Join Requests. This minimises duplicate requests being sent out. It also reduces multiple contacts at a company receiving requests and manages how often a resend can be made.

Monitor for subcontractor responses. Always know when an account has been created and a Profile submitted.

Please download the How to Overview doc to below. If you have any questions or comments at all, please do let us know.  Main Contractor Services can help with configuring the optional ‘User Definable Fields’.

How To…..Join Request Overview

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