What further praise can I give or say with regard to your exceptional help and assistance with my enquires?

All I can humbly do is once again pass on my many, many thanks. What’s more, if only some of the other organisations or people I deal with had half as much considerations and professionalism in dealing with my enquires my life would be so much easier. Very well done to one and all at Builder’s Profile.

The Helpline Team at Builders Profile are extremely proficient and responsive and offer solutions to any problems that users may encounter (a) from initial account creation to (b) updating annual renewal documents on to the Portal.

… just wanted to say a big thank you for helping me with the Builder’s Profile, it was greatly appreciated; you were very helpful, patient and professional. They signed us off on Thursday! Thank you again

… I would like to emphasise how helpful you and your colleagues were…

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the Support provided by Builder’s Profile… Like everyone else I’m quick to criticise when we receive bad service, however, this was quite the opposite so I thought I’d drop you a quick mail to say thank you and congratulate you on the service I received…

When I first heard about the Builder’s Profile, I was sceptical, thinking it was just another scheme looking to make money. However, after six months, it has reduced the number of PQQs that we have to complete by 80% and I’m convinced! The beauty of the Builder’s Profile is that it has been designed to be adopted by existing schemes to collect the information they require rather than to compete with them.

On average, our members are saving money if just 3 main contractors accept their Builder’s Profile.

We adopted Builder’s Profile because it seemed the ideal solution. We required a system that would not only improve our efficiencies but would simplify and reduce PQQ duplication for the supply chain. It was also important to us that the supply chain incurred very little cost. The system fits perfectly with our vendor evaluation processes and with our Beyond Zero vision – working towards our philosophy of zero accidents and environmental incidents.

One of our main objectives this year has been to focus on our supply chain, by better engagement with Subcontractors and Suppliers, and making the process more efficient. By using Builder’s Profile our supply chain has the opportunity to use a single pre-qualification assessment that can also be made available to other main contractors and other organisations and will lead to improved practices within the construction industry.

In today’s challenging market conditions, main contractors and their supply chains are constantly seeking ways to work more efficiently. By adopting the Builder’s Profile, Morgan Sindall is providing our supply chain with the opportunity to have a single prequalification assessment profile that can also be made available to other main contractors. We are delighted to be partnering with the Builder’s Profile and to be at the forefront of this initiative which we believe will lead to more sustainable practices throughout the industry.