360 KPI

Understanding the best way forward comes from seeing every angle. KPI 360 Analysis provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from your supply chain.

Gain awareness on how your supply chain feel about your methods could be vital in honing your policies and procedures to ensure greater efficiency. We believe that the quality of feedback is driven by the quality of the questions asked. The questions you ask of your supply chain can be bespoke and evolved over time to reflect any trending or changes in direction. This way you’ll be able to consistently obtain feedback from your supply chain ranging from the broad issues right down to the finer points, helping you shape the way forward for the future and make sure you can evolve as trends emerge.

The results of the feedback can be displayed in multiple ways, different graphs and radar charts giving easy to read overviews of the data, depicting trends and giving the ability to analyse the responses from your supply chain.

Please contact The Main Contractor Services Team on 01305 898792 or mcs@buildersprofile.co.uk if you have any questions.

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