Morgan Sindall

What does this mean?

Developing long-term relationships with you, our supply chain partners, is the key to us achieving what we hope will be mutual business objectives creating measurable value.

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Our subcontractors can expect…

Tender Stage

  • A phone call before an enquiry is sent out
  • Protection of Subcontractors intellectual rights
  • Rejection of unsolicited quotes

Construction Stage

  • A safe working environment, good welfare facilities and commitment to ‘100% Safe’
  • A team-working and collaborative approach to Perfect Delivery
  • Open and honest communication
  • Clear and fair payment terms which are honoured

We expect from all our subcontractors…

Tender Stage

  • Shared commitment on targeted projects
  • Advise immediately if unable to price
  • Advice on alternative materials, methods and construction technologies

Construction Stage

  • Commitment to ‘100% Safe’ and ‘Perfect Delivery’
  • To be open and honest
  • No commercial surprises – day one final accounting
  • Consideration for other Supply Chain partners’ work
  • Feedback during and upon completion