How to register for assessment and approval with BAM Nuttall

Register With Builder’s Profile: Please ‘Create a Subcontractor Account’

  • Premium Membership

    Create one Company Profile which is published and available to all contractors, clients and your commercial network. It costs from £199 + vat pa. Premium Membership is NOT mandatory to submit your details to Bam Nuttall but it is recommended to maximise your time and cost savings.

  • Basic Membership…is a free service.

    Create a unique Builder’s Profile for Bam Nuttall and each main contractor or client you wish to publish your PQQ information to.

Simply ensure Bam Nuttall is selected in the ‘Selected Clients’ list then ‘Edit Profile’ to complete and submit your Profile.

Register With Builder’s Profile

If you have any questions at all about the Builder’s Profile service, please contact the Support Team, who will be happy to help. Call on 01305 897448 or on Live Chat below.

Please Note: Your submission must be sponsored by Bam Nuttall. Bam Nuttall do not review speculative profiles. Submission of a profile does NOT guarantee acceptance on to the Bam Nuttall supply chain. If more information is required you will be requested by email to provide it.

Existing Account Sign In: Logon with your Account Number and Password

  • For Premium Members

    Simply ensure Bam Nuttall is selected in the ‘Selected Clients’ list, review and re-submit your Premium Profile.

  • For Basic Members…You may either

    Upgrade to Premium Membership – Simply ensure Bam Nuttall is selected in the ‘Selected Clients’ list – Review your Premium Profile and re-submit

    Remain a Basic Member – Ensure Bam Nuttall is selected in the ‘Selected Clients’ list – ‘Edit Profile’ to complete or review the Bam Nuttall Profile and submit.

Existing Account Sign In

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