Bespoke Configuration

One of the great advantages of Builder’s Profile is system flexibility. The ability to develop your own criteria to target the specifics that are really important to you or pull data from the questionnaire and display it prominently and uniquely.


Outside of the standard questions, you have the choice to choose anything that you need to ask your supply chain. Many of our clients have chosen to include their own unique questions, ranging from internal policies to environment and sustainability commitments. Ultimately, it’s about ensuring you’re asking your supply chain the questions YOU want to. Giving you the ability to manage your supply chain in the quickest, most efficient way possible.


Workflow is a dynamic script that allows the system to provide information in unique ways. It has the ability to pull data from the questionnaire and display it prominently and uniquely. Not to mention it has the ability to perform actions for you. If there is data that you need but don’t want to have to always manually search for it, let us write a workflow for you that does all the hard work for you.

Expiry dates are a very common item used here, the system will identify when the expiry date is approaching and automatically generate a contact with the supplier to remind them to update their data, whether it’s SSIP, CAS, or more specific items that are unique to your company we can create a workflow that works for you


Ensure you deliver your companies messaging while maintaining continuity of in your supply chain. Bespoke Configuration gives you the option to introduce your own email format rather than our standard offering, we can incorporate additional messaging you want to give your suppliers’ together with any other information you need to display.

Please contact The Main Contractor Services Team on 01305 898792 or if you have any questions.

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