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The BESPOKE Service

One of the many advantages of the BESPOKE service is that the additional management features are configurable. Assessment evaluations can be created, automated approval reviews are designed, user permissions allocated – Every aspect of the supply chain process and how best to build Bespoke can be considered. There are also additional modules available to fully configure the processes to suit.

What’s Included

The Main Contractor Services team has extensive experience in building bespoke systems, identifying efficiencies and creating solutions. Organisational supply chain management improvements start with the first discussion. The management tools and features include:

  • Advanced Searching, Reporting and Analysis
  • Customised Scorecards & 360 KPI’s
  • Project Management
  • Bespoke Questions, Emails and Assessments
  • Unlimited maintenance and changes to account set up
  • Access to additional modules to enhance account

Additional BESPOKE Modules

Data Review

This module acts as a pre-approval check of your supply chain, where we review the content of every profile making sure it has been completed correctly, insurances have been validated and accreditations are genuine.

Data Exchange

To utilise data efficiencies, we can export supply chain data including assessment and approval results across in-house systems.

Group Training

Group training sessions are available to new and existing clients. We focus the sessions around your system criteria and can conduct these remotely or on your site, whichever works for you.

All The BESPOKE Modules Info

What our Members Say….

“In today’s challenging market conditions, main contractors and their supply chains are constantly seeking ways to work more efficiently. By adopting the Builder’s Profile, Morgan Sindall is providing our supply chain with the opportunity to have a single prequalification assessment profile that can also be made available to other main contractors. We are delighted to partner with  Builder’s Profile and to be at the forefront of this initiative which we believe will lead to more sustainable practices throughout the industry.”

Martin Pitt, Commercial Director – Morgan Sindall.

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