Welcome Connect 2 Cleanrooms

This week we are delighted to welcome Lancaster and London based Connect 2 Cleanrooms as our newest vendor. Specialising in the global delivery of integrated cleanroom solutions Connect 2 Cleanrooms have enjoyed a sustained period of growth and as a result have seen their portfolio of projects and products increase in value and complexity.

With this added complexity they have looked to develop their systems to allow for a more user-friendly experience for their supply chain partners, clients and their team. Michael Wright, Connect 2 Cleanrooms Director says, “We are excited to announce the introduction of Builder’s Profile to Connect 2 Cleanrooms.” Prior to Connect 2 Cleanrooms issuing a contract, an up-to-date Builders Profile will be required. In the coming days, supply chain members will receive an request email, an invitation to submit a Profile to via Builders Profile.

Connect 2 Cleanrooms apply creative thinking to modular cleanroom projects, resulting in functional spaces that achieve a significant return on investment. Learn how they add value to our clients through their case studies.

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