System Updates – Sept 2020

While working through the Profile, you’ll see small tweaks we’ve made in September. In the questionnaire there are updates to the Dashboard layout, Introduction page, Insurance section and importantly, to the Declaration section. We’ve also released an ‘Advanced Search’ feature, available in the Main Contractor Service system which improves data interrogation of the supply chain database.

We greatly appreciate member feedback, the ideas and commentary put to the Support Team formulate system change and service improvements. There are more improvements on the way, including a ‘Help Hub’ facility that we’ll be releasing shortly.

And finally, it is always a very difficult decision to make, but we have announced an October 2020 price increase to adjust to our rising overheads. Click here for more information.

New Dashboard Updates

New ‘link to buttons’ have been introduced, shortcuts to Builder’s Profile Service information. The Dashboard layout differs for Basic and Premium members, and those with our Constructionline Membership (CAS).

Premium Member Dashboard Example

Our Constructionline Members (CAS) have access to the ‘CAS Member Area’ where Certificates will be stored when the accreditation is awarded.

Questionnaire ‘Introduction’ Page

This section has been greatly improved. Profile, Account Status and the ‘Last Submitted’ date is clearly provided, along with ‘How to’ guidance on completing the Profile.

Insurance Section Update

‘Locked’ insurance policy information will now be ‘greyed’ out, giving an instant visual indication that the selected policy is in a read-only format.

Declaration Section

On advice of our Main Contractor clients, we included a new question, specified below. As compliance regulation strengthens, there is now even greater responsibility for contract awarded main contractors to maintain up to date compliance information on approved supply chain members.

This requirement and responsibility acknowledgment needs to be handed down to Subcontractor, Supplier, Consultant and Designer vendors. The new declaration question which will be released shortly will be a completion requirement.

Where it states ‘any action that may be taken by the main contractor client(s)’ – any ‘action taken’ remains solely at the discretion of individual Main Contractors and their supply chain management policy. Builder’s Profile Support Team recommend talking with your client(s) if you have any questions regarding this new acknowledgment of responsibility.

For Our Main Contractor Members……

Advanced Search reaches directly in to the questionnaire, giving the ability to find companies based on responses to a single question, or multiple questions of their choosing.

When it comes to narrowing the field, Main Contractors are able to pinpoint specifically which questions are important and check the responses for potential supply chain members.

If you manage a supply chain, the Main Contractor service may be the efficient solution for essential compliance management. Please contact our Main Contractor Services on or 01305 898792 for more information or to book a short demo.

Contact Us

If you require more information on the any of the detail above, please do contact the Support Team on 01305 897448, or Live Chat from any of our website pages.

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