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London Tower Cranes, one of the UK’s largest independent tower crane provider is the latest buyer to join Builder’s Profile. Established in 2003 with offices in London, Manchester and Peterborough, LTC offers a comprehensive tower crane service which encompasses every aspect of crane management and is tailored to meet their customer requirements.

Having built their first-class reputation for high performance and consistent delivery over a decade, London Tower Cranes have now implemented Builder’s Profile, the leading-edge supply chain service to provide further efficiencies on complex projects. Through Builder’s Profile – subcontractors and suppliers maintain a shareable compliance Profile; bespoke assessment modules and an automated renewal process help the LTC team manage the supply chain working on multiple projects nationwide.

Builder’s Profile’s collaborative platform also compliments and aligns perfectly with the group health and safety vision, Plan Safe Work Safe specifies, “All we do, has at its heart the core value and vision that everyone will go home safe and well at the end of each working day. Our goal is to ensure that everyone working for, with and around us is protected from harm and every action contributes to their own and others safety and wellbeing”.

Their safety vision, reinforced by a staff culture of safe working, collaboration and commitment, has made London Tower Cranes a market leader within its field. Invitations will be sent out from Builder’s Profile to begin the assessment of their supply chain shortly.

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