Builder’s Profile today launches to UK construction, Projects Profile – a simple-to-use contract awards information service

Builder’s Profile, UK construction’s trusted PQQ & Compliance platform, today launches its contract-awarded-projects service – Projects Profile – to the UK construction industry. Projects Profile is a simple-to-use, contract awards service that provides construction projects information, supported by industry insight analysis tools, direct to subscribers’ inbox every week day.

Projects Profile delivers the accurate awards information UK construction has asked for and helps generate the industry insight the sector demands. It’s construction’s hard facts, but without the hard work, or the hard sell. The Projects Profile contract awards service researches around £56b of contracts per year which represents about 95% of reported contract awards.

Construction is competitive, it’s vital to know what clients, contractors and competitors are working on. And one of construction’s many challenges is finding accurate, up-to-date contract awards information. Who’s won, or awarded, how much of what, and where. Builder’s Profile has been delivering PQQ & Compliance service for years, so its trusted and knows what industry wants – fast facts, not fiction – which is why it developed Projects Profile.

Says Projects Profile boss Paul Long, “Projects Profile builds on our investment at Builder’s Profile, which we’ve always seen as a core construction industry information platform. Other platforms come and go and some make promises but with no way to deliver on them, Projects Profile has the solid foundations of Builder’s Profile beneath it. Over 30% of UK construction firms employing more than seven subscribe to Builder’s Profile and we consulted at depth with them to find out what they want out of a contract awards service. Projects Profile is the answer. It’s what the industry wants and like Builder’s Profile, we’re confident it’ll be what they use.”

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