Welcome Galliford Try Partnerships and Regeneration

Since joining us in 2016, Galliford Try and Builder’s Profile have worked closely together to ensure goals for the service aligns with their supply chain and corporate values policy. As a result of our collaborative achievements, Builder’s Profile are delighted to welcome Leicester based Galliford Try Partnerships and Regeneration as our latest main contractor.

Partnerships is Galliford Try’s regeneration specialist, working with Registered Providers and Local Authorities helping to increase the supply of housing and build sustainable communities. As a group, Galliford Try employs around 5,500 employees and benefits from a strong client base and integrated supply chain across multiple business divisions, each with distinctive brands.

Builder’s Profile offers a straight forward solution to the complexities of managing an integrated supply chain. All companies in a group have access to subcontractor submitted Profile data, reducing the need to manage multiple PQQs. Each company can select the system management modules to integrate with internal processes. Assessors can pre-qualify supply chain members to meet independent standards; covering areas of Health & Safety, Finance, Quality, Environment, Commercial and Digital Construction – ensuring the group’s best practices are efficiently followed within a single system.

Julie McGrady, Builder’s Profile Head of Operations explains further, “We continue to forge unique relationships with our Main Contractor clients. Industry compliance requires a universal questionnaire, a foundation service where one size does fit all. Builder’s Profile offers an additional bespoke service; one that enables the companies within a group to be flexible and remain individual in their approach to managing unique and integrated supply chains.

2019 Contract Awarded Projects won by Galliford Try Partnership and Regeneration

  • West – Housing New Build – Bristol – £9.4 Mil
  • South West – Housing New Build – Exeter – £9 Mil
  • North East – Housing New Build – Bishop Auckland – £7.5 Mil
  • Eastern – Mixed Used Development New Build – Ealing – £275 Mil

Pre-qualification has begun for supply chain members with available Profiles. From January, the procurement team started to source subcontractors and invitations are currently being emailed out.

GT Partnerships and Regeneration

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