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Interserve plc is a FTSE listed company with gross revenues of £3.7 billion and a workforce of around 75,000. They have a massive 2,000 plus construction supply-chain servicing clients over public and private sectors and working on projects from house building across rail to health, education, office and industrial. As of October 2018, Interserve has been using the Builder’s Profile PQQ and Compliance platform.

What Interserve’s new project, certification and safety awards demonstrate is a sophisticated business where collaboration is key and with a diverse range of complex projects to deliver and a huge supply chain to manage effectively and safely. But even safety conscious businesses need to make profit!

As a leader in UK construction, Interserve’s actions are those of a business whose management see that innovation and best-practice is the way to go. That there’s no disconnect, or mutual exclusivity, between delivering: great construction – on a huge scale, shareholder value, collaboration – and the health and safety of the workforce. Indeed, the ‘top table’ clearly focus on collaborative working, both with their clients and key partners who are leaders in their field. Which means the business needs scalable management, collaboration and management tools such as BIM and Builder’s Profile.

Before BIM arrived, Interserve knew that transparent collaboration between the multiple designers, construction professional and end users was key to the efficient and economic delivery and operation of facilities. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a proven means of providing a well-structured approach. But only when complimented by a strict development protocol, collaborative team ethic and transparent information exchange controls. Essentially, BIM also meets the requirements of PAS-91:2013+A1:2017 latest amendment. This is where the Builder’s Profile PQQ & Compliance platform comes in.

Subcontractor BIM Scorecard Analysis

The future of supply chain management is a demanding one. Interserve considered the diversity of its supply chain members in terms of: compliance, experience, social & corporate responsibility, financial – while remaining compliant of regulation and mitigating risk to all stakeholders. Interserve decided that Builder’s Profile would best support these considerations and from October 2018 their Procurement Team began to invite their supply chain members to submit a PAS 91 aligned Builder’s Profile for pre-qualification.

Richard Hays, Interserve Procurement and Supply Chain Manager says, “Achieving true BIM is not just about having the right technology in place – a cultural shift in the way we work to an open collaborative environment that allows for knowledge to be shared is letting us lead the BIM agenda. Builder’s Profile will help us achieve that goal.”

Head of Main Contractor Services at Builder’s Profile, Julie McGrady says, “We are delighted with Interserve’s decision to collaborate with us. Builder’s Profile’s flexible approach and open, collaborative culture will support Interserve’s objective’s and enhance their capabilities because it’s a truly workable service. A service that will manage their skilled supply chain and one that will guide as well assess subcontractors, particularly those with BIM capabilities.”

Julie continues, “Its early days for the Interserve/Builder’s Profile relationship but we’re both really confident of delivering what’s good for them, their workforce and client’s – and for all their stakeholders!”

Interserve Construction

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