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Comprehensive Functionality

The ‘Off the shelf’ includes all the essentials required for collecting and managing your supply chain compliance information. It’s the simple introduction to automated supply chain management.

This service is perfectly suited to companies with a small to medium sized supply chain, looking to move from a manually maintained system.

PAS-91 PQQ enhanced with essential frequently asked questions
Database of Premium Member Profiles immediately available
Profile Request accesses over 30,000 subcontractors, suppliers and vendors.
Management Tools Include:

  • Supply Chain Approvals
  • Submission, Approval and Review notifications
  • BIM question-set

Additional Modules Available

Modules can be individually purchased and configured to build a comprehensive management service to meet organisational requirements.

Project Management

Our Projects module gives you an increased focus on each project, making monitoring and planning easier, helping you to deliver your goals more efficiently.

360° KPI

Understanding the best way forward comes from seeing every angle. 360° KPI Analysis provides the opportunity to incorporate feedback from your supply chain.

KPI Scorecards

Scorecards are a fluid way to create a visual representation of your supply chain's key performance indicators in a real time scenario.

Additional Questions

One of the great advantages of Builder’s Profile is that we can adapt your questionnaire to your needs.

Bespoke Emails

This is a very basic module but used to its potential can increase efficiency and ensure your supply chain receives all the information required, your way.

Data Exchange

To utilise data efficiencies, we can export supply chain data including assessment and approval results across in-house systems. We'll work with platform technical teams to explore the specific elements you require.

Credit Reporting

With data analysis being at the core of the service Builder’s Profile provide. Through CreditSafe - the industry leading scoring system includes key statistical metrics to determine the financial stability of a company.

Advanced Search

Advance Search interrogates individual question responses across your entire supply chain database, providing powerful and crucial business intelligence.

Group Training

Training sessions are available to new and existing clients. We focus the sessions around your system criteria and can conduct these remotely or on site, whichever works for you.

Constructionline Assessment Management

The new management module is fully integrated into the Builder’s Profile supply chain management system, displaying real-time assessment results to every decision maker who needs it.

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