Accident reduction ‘central to business planning’ say Main Contractors at ‘Meet the Buyer’ events

At ‘Meet the Buyer’ events, such as this month’s Thames Tideway Tunnel meeting in London, main contractors emphasize that accident reduction is central to their health and safety business planning. Qualification, competence and stability evaluation of supply chains is key to achieving this objective.

The ‘managing risk‘ facet of the HSE’s ‘Helping Great Britain work well’ strategy encapsulates the requirement for effective compliance facilitation; ‘successful organisations understand that sensible and proportionate risk management is integral to delivering their business objectives. This approach supports growth, enables innovation and protects an organisation’s most vital asset, its people’ says the HSE.

“Builders’ Profile confidently facilitates the kind of effective risk management that the HSE talks about”, says Builder’s Profile MD Paul Long. “Moreover, Builder’s Profile has ‘need’s developed functionality’ that’s easy to configure to an individual company’s, or even department’s, prerequisites. Why is this important? Because each company best understands its own ‘risk environments’. The platform adapts to meet the requirements of each main contractor by adding ‘their’ questions to the ‘standard’ set. They then evaluate profiles to their standards, which means they get the answers that reduce Health & Safety risk.”

For more information on HSE’s ‘Helping Great Britain work well’ strategy, please Click here

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