The Scaffolding Association Join Builder’s Profile

It is spring and the Scaffolding Association becomes the latest Trade Association to adopt and support the Builder’s Profile PQQ service. The ability to centrally store and share compliance information will provide immediate benefits to the members of this national organization.

The association was founded to improve the understanding, safety and standards of scaffolding across the construction industry. In adopting Builder’s Profile, the Scaffolding Association becomes the latest in a fast growing list of over fifty Trade Associations to clearly see massive value in the PQQ and compliance information sharing service.

Scaffolding Association founder Robert Candy considers, “As Builder’s Profile is so easy to use and universally available, it makes sense to adopt the service. The accessibility of Builder’s Profile data means our members can store their site compliance information centrally without adding time, complexity or cost. And importantly, the service enables efficient membership assessment which can only help improve our site safety standards.”

Scaffolding Association members gain an influence on future developments and practices in the scaffolding industry in addition to many affinity schemes to reduce expenditure in areas such as insurance, legal advice and accounting. Builder’s Profile Basic membership is free to Scaffolding Association members who also benefit from a discount on Premium membership.

Builder’s Profile Chairman Frank Becker says, ‘Main Contractors and Partners of Builder’s Profile have access to over 20,000 subcontractor Profiles. Collaboration between Trade and Industry Associations increases this figure and benefits partners, their members and our subcontractors.’

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