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The PAS91 PQQ standard was commissioned by Government and developed by the British Standards Institute (BSI) with the objective of streamlining and lowering the cost of prequalification in construction procurement processes. PAS91 does this by defining a standard construction industry PQQ set.

What Builder’s Profile service and PAS91 question-set does, is allow contractors and subcontractors to collaborate more effectively by sharing information efficiently. This reduces the need for suppliers to complete multiple PQQs by around 80%.

Builder’s Profile (UK) Ltd were instrumental members of the Steering Group responsible for the development of the PAS91 specification.

Download PAS91 here: http://shop.bsigroup.com/en/Navigate-by/PAS/PAS-91-2013/ 

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    • PAS91 reduces the need for suppliers to complete multiple PQQs by standardizing the question set. ( More... )

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