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Contractor Service


Builder’s Profile empowers main contractors, clients and their audit and joint partners to collaborate and to: collect, share, review and maintain supply chain information. The service reduces information collection cost and data duplication and greatly helps in the defence of reputational risk through facilitating better compliance management.

Contractors can easily source new suppliers and invite their entire supply chain to use Builder’s Profile as there are no barriers to entry.

Your Supply Chain Database is the core of your business. They are your subcontractors, you need to know all about them - it is your business.


Builder's Profile for Main Contractors: Membership allows access to the simple open-access Common Database.
Immediate access to over 20,000 subcontractors: Easily invite any missing members to join your unique supply chain.
Enhanced Integration: Scheduled and formatted data exports are available for seamless integration with your existing systems.
Builder’s Profile is easily accessible: Fully configurable for large corporations and simple to use for small contractors. All UK based technical support and user training is included.
Zero barriers to entry membership: Our membership policy enables 100% supply chain inclusion.

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